Radical lessons from my Dog

We can learn so much from dogs. They are natural Yogi’s. They don’t have to try to be mindful, they just are. They don’t have to practice “letting go”, they just do! They love without ANY conditions. They show up in the moment with whatever it brings. Including the chaos and (sometimes) drama that ensues when three kids need to leave the house at the same time. They instinctually know that nothing else needs to happen or change, they don’t need to be anywhere else but exactly where they are. They show up fully in this perfect moment in time, this perfect breath, right here, right now contains all that they need.

From the Taoist Lao Tzu:

“Always we hope someone else has the answer, some other place will be better,  some other time it will all turn out”

Dogs know, and somewhere in ourselves we do too, that we have the answers, there is no other place and it has already turned out. How radical is that! Imagine being in a place that requires no fixing. Sometimes in my yoga practice I can touch into this, but it takes practice. My intention today is to be more like my dog, minus some of the stuff he does outside.