Letting go of figuring things out

Have you ever gone through a rough patch? Ever feel like your having a “bad” day. Maybe you feel under the weather physically, mentally or emotionally. Perhaps a life crisis has hit or is brewing. Maybe things just aren’t going your way. Or, more accurately, the way you think they “should” be going. We get into a habit of trying to figure things out, control the situation, the outcome, our thoughts and feelings. What if we simply let go? What if we began to cultivate the habit of ease?

Here is some wisdom from Liz Gilbert:

“Don’t fall apart, it becomes a habit. Stay calm and know you are where you are right now for a very important reason. Life will never give you something you can’t handle. It will all make sense in a little while, but for now go back to basics. Drink water, breathe deeply, eat foods that heal, surround yourself with loving people. Read books that resonate with you soul. Go for a walk in the woods, on the beach, in the park, in your back yard. Anywhere you can breathe fresh air and see the sky above. Close your eyes, connect, remind yourself of the things you have to be grateful for, and let the words THANK YOU become your most important mantra. You can handle this, you are strong, you are whole and you are not alone.”

I happened upon this quote as I was trying to “figure out” how to handle a rascally hip flexor issue I have encountered while training (overtraining, perhaps?) for the TRIATHLON (I just said that in an Oprah voice). I am going to allow myself to let go and not figure anything out. I am going to rest and let it be and know there is a plan far greater than anything I can figure out. And, in all of that, I am going to cultivate the habit of ease.