Showing up

Tomorrow I will wake up “ready” to swim, bike and run. I have spent the past seven months training for and competing in various triathlons. I was moved deeply by my friends battle with cancer and I wanted to do something to honor him. For whatever reason, competing in triathlons was how it manifested. As I put on my goggles and race gear tomorrow I will be thinking of Dan and all of the other people who have been affected by cancer. I will move through the race with the awareness that I am blessed to be able to wake up and do this. While I will not be crossing the finish line first, or even close, it will be a win for me in that I set a goal, trained and showed up. Sometimes that is all it takes; just showing up.

I am practiced in showing up for yoga and meditation. That is my daily practice. But swimming, cycling, running is a whole different story for me.  In setting out to honor Dan through this very physical training, that was way outside of my comfort zone, I found something deeper within myself. I found my strength in a way that I had forgotten.  Thanks Dan Schultz for being such an inspiration!