// H E A L //

to make sound or whole

to restore to original purity or integrity

// YOGA //

to join together

the union of opposites


Lately my practice of yoga/life has been to slow down. I am not slowing down because I want to, nor because I am wise and knowing. Rather, my body is going through a healing process and I have had no other choice but to chill out, rest, and allow my body time to heal. It has been a humbling process and seriously uncomfortable; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While down in the trenches of healing, I noticed, and (fingers crossed) possibly learned a few things. 

Some observations from this vantage point:

1. Healing is hard work. It requires a whole lot of being and very little doing.  

2. Healing is not a linear process.

3. Listening is a skill. Listening to oneself is quite possibly the most important skill. When I tune my ears, eyes, and senses within (meditation), I can hear exactly what my body and heart need. This skill takes time, practice, and compassion. 

4. Meditation and stillness are a roadmap to sanity.

5. Being outside and connecting with nature is a roadmap to sanity.

6. Gentle, tender touch is magical and healing.

7. There is ALOT of noise "out there". I'm not talking about my loud kids. I mean all of the bullshit and static that we let into our lives. Choose what is most wholesome and uplifting for you, and let the rest go.

8.. Everything is better in the morning

9. Warm lingering showers are the best. THE BEST!

10. Hippocrates was right, Food is thy medicine. Your body is your temple, honor and treat it as such. You wouldn’t put crappy fuel in a Ferrari, right? So why would you put junk in your trunk, I mean body? 

11. Some relationships are energizing and fill you up, others drain you. During my healing process this became abundantly clear. I literally felt physically energized or drained by certain interactions. Let the energy vampires go. It might be painful at first, but it is like pulling weeds; if you don't do it, your garden will never grow or thrive.

12. Ice is everything. Ice ice ice all day long.

13. Sleep is divine. Figure out what you need to sleep well, and make it a priority. 

14. The internet attributes this to Buddha...."You, yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." So, treat yourself well, you deserve it!


On some level, we are all on a healing journey. Whether we are conscious or unconscious about this determines our path forward. Take a moment to breathe, to find stillness, to practice paying attention. To heal.