Cycling Training Tool - What is Paincave?

Aside from not being a great runner, I am not what you would call a skilled cyclist. Most of my experience is on a beach cruiser noticing the trees and the sky. Not exactly useful skills in a road race! So why on earth would I sign up for a race that involves two out of three skills I lack? Click here to find out. Also, with all of this physical training, I have been thinking that when you meet your edge and take a leap, you have a chance to soar. I am not suggesting I am soaring at the moment, but I am focused on the training and (hopefully) setting myself up to finish the race with some dignity intact. Part of this training has involved an awesome online training tool called Paincave. Paincave was started by my cousin Michael Egan, so I am a little biased about it’s awesome-ness. But, honestly, it’s the real deal!

Paincave is an membership site that offers training videos. They have elite athletes in a studio, “The Paincave”, integrated with footage from races around the world. You set up your bike on a trainer, turn on the episode you choose, and get top notch coaching along with lots of inspiration. Being a novice cyclist, with limited time to train, I have found the racing footage inspirational and the structured workouts are very helpful! I feel like I am getting focused coaching, great tips and the scenery makes it feel like you are really on the road. Since I have started Paincave, I have found I am a little more skilled on the bike! I especially like episode 4: Seaside to Paso Robles

I will let you know how all of this training pans out in a real race. I am doing my first tri this Sunday. I decided to sign up for one to practice for the Black Bear Tri in May. Fingers crossed I can make it!