Yoga For Athletes

Working with Athletes is a passion of mine. I know first hand the benefits of yoga can be transformative both physically and mentally. While working with teams and individual athletes, I have seen how yoga increases physical and mental strength, improves balance and flexibility, and reduces injury.

Here are what some coaches and athletes have to say about working with me:

Yoga was an instrumental part of FC DELCO’s comprehensive training regimen. FC DELCO’s soccer program consists of future division one athletes and is one of the top programs in the country. United States Soccer requires an exhausting 10 month season, with 30 competitions, and 3-4 training sessions per week. Kristin Page’s innovative and challenging yoga sessions helped build the team’s core strength and kept us virtually injury free for the second half of the season. I would recommend Kristin Page for high level and serious athletic teams, interested in long term gains in endurance, strength, and injury prevention.
— Alan Mezger // FC DELCO, Soccer Director of Coaching

Kristin Page has worked with athletes I coach in Cross Country and Track & Field for a number of years now! Kristin brings a positive and encouraging approach to each of our weekly yoga sessions. Amongst the benefits of our yoga program are improved flexibility, reduction in hip related injuries common to runners, and increased core strength. In addition, Kristin continually emphasizes mental relaxation in her sessions! In a demanding activity like competitive running that can be very beneficial in enhancing mental clarity and focus. Our athletes really look forward to each session with Kristin!!
— Tom Flanagan // Radnor High School, Boys & Girls Cross Country Girls Track & Field

Adding Yoga to our High School Girls Swim program was extremely popular with the athletes. The weekly sessions were “relaxing” for their minds and bodies. Each week they eagerly awaited Kristin’s class after tough swim practices. Kristin’s ability to communicate to these teenage girls methods of relaxation to use for the daily stresses of school/swim team was amazing.
— Ruth Small // Head Coach, Radnor Girls Swim Team

The Radnor Girls Swim team began yoga lessons with the hope that we would improve our flexibility and get a chance to bond outside of the pool. Not only did we gain what we expected, but we also acquired strength, balance, coordination, and overall athleticism. Yoga also helped us practice one of the most essential skills to swimming, which is breath control. Athletes must learn how to be in control of their breathing in order to perform optimally. This is not a skill that comes naturally for most people–conditioned athletes or not–and yoga helped us learn how to improve this ability. Yoga also allowed us to relieve the tension in our bodies, especially with the restorative sessions taught by Kristin. During these sessions, Kristin focused mainly on helping us loosen our muscles and relax our minds and bodies, often either in preparation for big competition or following a series of tough work outs. I think one of the things we benefited from the most due to our time with Kristin was the ability to connect our mind and body and gain a better understanding of how powerful the relation between the two can be. Kristin is a supportive and encouraging instructor who provides a calming atmosphere while still continuing to challenge her students to improve. I was extremely impressed with the results we saw after each session and we could not have done it without the help of Kristin Page!
— Jena Minardi // Captain, Radnor Girls Swim Team

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