Mindful attention to the present moment expands our capacity for joy, peace, love and compassionate engagement with our world. The practice of Mindful Meditation is training our attention in the present and precious moment, from moment to moment. It is paying attention, on purpose, in the moment with an attitude of non-judgement and loving-kindness towards oneself. This practice is subtle and can be developed over time.

Here are just some of the MANY benefits of Mindful Meditation:

  • Measurable stress reduction

  • lower blood pressure

  • improved emotional management

  • Increased grey matter in the brain (this is a good thing!)

  • Improved executive functioning of the brain

  • improved memory and comprehension

  • Improved athletic coordination and performance

  • Neuroplasticity


Check out my guided meditations featured on Insight Meditation Timer.

Public Classes through Clearlight Meditation Institute

Mindfulness Meditation 101

 A single evening session to explain what meditation is, how it works and what it takes to practice it successfully. 

Beginner through Advanced Meditation Series  

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