Taking time away from our daily routines is an invaluable gift for ourselves and those around us! Join me to explore internally through yoga, meditation and breath, and explore externally at one of these amazing locations around the globe.


I C E L A N D // November 3-10, 2018


Join Kristin and Rachael in Northern Iceland to explore one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth. This is a trip-of-a-lifetime will be both an inner exploration through yoga and meditation, and an outer exploration of a wonderland of moonlike lava fields, snow capped volcanic peaks and geothermal hot springs at 66 degrees North, just south of the arctic circle.

Fairytale Icelandic winter whites will be the backdrop for this spectacular week with sun during the day and bright moonlit nights providing fascinating light shows–including a possible mystic dance of the Northern Lights. The cold outside is balanced beautifully by the hot geothermal baths and Jacuzzis that is a national past-time of the warm and adventurous Icelandic people.

In this majestic and tranquil landscape, morning yoga classes will be followed by group excursions and explorations.


c l i c k   H E R E  f o r   a l l    o f    t h e    d e t a i l s 

Northern Iceland

Northern Iceland

T U L U M // February 3-8, 2019

Join Rachael Hunter and Kristin Page for a winter respite in beautiful Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum is renowned for it’s beautiful crystal clear blue waters, bohemian atmosphere and yogic wonderland. It is the perfect place for a Winter respite, to immerse ourselves in this magical environment with sun, sand, beautiful blue water, deliciously nourishing food and twice daily all-levels yoga and meditation all at the one and only Amansala Eco Resort. Beachside accommodations and private terraces, open air dining and a gorgeous sunset lounge offer a tranquil setting for you to re-set body, mind and spirit.

c l i c k   H E R E  f o r   a l l    o f    t h e    d e t a i l s




S O U T H E R N   F R A N C E // June 15-22, 2019

Une Belle Aventure

Only 12 spots available for this amazing adventure!

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